Important information that all ChiChiBabies new puppy owners
should know!
While your puppy is with us, he will learn many things.  We begin the socialization
process.  We introduce the puppies to different environments.   Our puppies have the
benefit of being able to play with many different people while they are with us
(supervised, of course) including children.  They are also allowed to interact with the
older puppies and many of the adult dogs....a very important part of socialization for
puppies.  Puppies have a safe environment in which to play, and they have many toys
that they play with and love.  Our babies are with their mothers full time until they
are 5 weeks of age. They begin learning how to eat at different times, depending on
how quickly they are progressing, but most begin between 3.5 and 4.5 weeks of age.  
At 5 weeks of age, the mothers are beginning to get serious about weaning, so
puppies are gradually and gently weaned...a process which the mother began at about
3.5 weeks of age and which takes at least 2 weeks, often longer.  By that time, they
are usually eating very well on their own, but the puppies actually have access to
Mom for short intervals every day for a while after they are weaned.  When the
weaning process is nearly complete, another step of socialization begins.  All the
puppies play together in their playpen.  This helps each puppy to learn his role in the now he knows very well his role within his own litter...but this experience
gives them a larger group to interact with and helps to prevent them from being shy
with other animals.
From the beginning, our puppies are paper trained.  We find that in groups, they
destroy puppy pads, but they do alright with paper.  For many puppies, training may
be advanced, possibly even near completion, when you take them home, though
please note, this is not always the case.  But we have found that our pups do very well
at training after you get them home and most even train to pads.
When the puppies are a good bit older and have had their shots (just before they are
ready to go home) whenever possible, we take them on outings with us.  We strongly
recommend that you continue to do this when you take your puppy home because it
is very important to their socialization.   We'll take a puppy or two to PetSmart with
us when we go.  Or maybe we'll go to the neighborhood park and let them play on a
blanket.  (We usually do not put them on the ground anywhere but in our yard until
their vaccination series is complete.)  We've even taken them into Wal-Mart with us.  
I don't know if we're supposed to or not, but we usually only get stopped when
someone wants to "ooo" and "ahhh" at the puppy.  This helps with their ability to
travel and it also helps them to enjoy going to new places, which Chihuahuas often
love very much.
Before you come to get your puppy, or before your puppy's shipping date, we will
have worked hard to ensure that you are taking a healthy puppy home with you.  
Your puppy will be completely up to date on all shots appropriate for his age.  He
will have been wormed several times, beginning at 2 weeks of age and every two
weeks after till 8 weeks of age.   Your puppy will also have been vet checked.  For
puppies that are being shipped, there may be two vet when the litter is
checked, and another within 10 days of shipping to get puppy's health certificate.
When you come to get your puppy, be prepared to take a little time to go over
everything.  Our pick ups usually take anywhere from 30 minutes to 2
hours...depending on your questions and such.  When you get here, we'll introduce
you to your puppy and then begin the paperwork.  We will go over your puppy's
vaccination and deworming record, the NuVet information and answer any questions
that you may have.  
For puppies that are being shipped, we will attach the puppy care kit to the top of his
crate, and send written instructions for all the contracts in advance.  In most cases,
the contract is already completed and returned by the time your puppy goes home,
but if that is not the case for you, we may send the contracts with the puppy (if you
chose your puppy within a week of the date for him to go home).  Please be sure that
you check the top of the crate for all information that we included, and then read and
follow any instructions provided to complete all the contract if necessary.  
Remember, we're always here if you need help with anything.
Finally, we offer lifetime support for you and your puppy.  You will have all of our
contact information with you when you leave and you are welcome to contact us at
any time with any questions or concerns that you have.  We like to stay in touch with
our new owners and we always love to get updates, so we definitely encourage you to
let us know from time to time how you and your puppy are doing.
Here is a list of the supplies that you will need when you bring your puppy home.

1 small or extra small plastic or wire crate (for puppies that are being shipped we will provide this)

1 extra small dog bed (you'll want to be sure it's machine washable in case your puppy has an

If you plan to pad train or train to go outside, you'll need a full supply of puppy pads  OR  litter box
and litter made for dogs if you plan to litter train

A few more blankets or towels in case your puppy has an accident.

A collar or harness (for most of our puppies, there is only one kind of collar or harness that will fit
them.  They're called Lil Pals and they're made by Coastal.  You can find them at PetSmart, PetCo
or online at and other websites.  Even these will be too big for some of our

A 6' leash...we recommend that you stick with the Lil Pals brand of these too as they are lighter for
the puppies.

A package of bathing wipes.  We do not recommend bathing too often and these wipes allow you to
clean the puppies without irritating their skin.

Plenty of toys, including very small rope toys, tiny stuffed animals (careful that they do not have any
plastic eyes or noses that the pups can chew off and choke on), balls (especially the jingle balls for
cats..the pups love them), and anything else you find that you think a very small puppy might enjoy.

A tube of Nutri-Cal, Nutri-Stat or similar dietary supplement product to be given as a treat or in the
event that your puppy becomes hypoglycemic in the first few days at home.

(Many of the above mentioned supplies are included in the Puppy Starter Pack from Next Day Pets,
pictured above this text box.  We recommend those packs as a good value and a great way to
purchase many of the essentials that your new puppy will need.)

1 trustworthy'll need to have an appointment within 3 days of bringing your puppy
home if at all possible

And of course, the most important supply of all...lots of love to give!
The Puppy Kit Includes:

Puppy care guides (in addition to the ones offered online) and shot record in a convenient storage envelope

1 sample bag of Nu Vet Vitamin Supplement

1 Blanket (for puppies being shipped, the blanket will accompany the puppy during shipping.)

1 sample bag of the food your puppy is eating (will be sent with puppy for pups that are shipping)
A word of warning: You MUST make sure that your puppy is eating properly the first
week or so of his homecoming.  Whether he is being picked up or shipped, changing
homes can be stressful for these little guys and as a result, they often lose their
appetite for the first few days to a week of going to their new homes.  This loss of
appetite can result in hypoglycemia, or low blood sugar (contact us for more
information on hypoglycemia.)  It is very important that you monitor how much
your puppy is eating during this transition time.  If your puppy will not eat his
regular food, give him anything that he will eat...canned dog food, canned chicken,
hot dogs, baby food...whatever he'll eat will be fine during this time.  Once he is
accustomed to his new home, his appetite will pick up again and he'll go back to
eating his regular food.  If you cannot get him to eat at all, you'll need to get some
honey.  You'll put a little on your finger and rub it on his gums 3-5 times a day to
help keep his blood sugar up until he is eating again.  In addition to the Karyo syrup,
you should also have a tube of Nutri-Cal handy.  You can put some on your finger
and scrape it off on the roof of his mouth to help keep his nutrients in.
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