ChiChiBabies Chihuahuas
Pet Sales Agreement
This document represents a sales agreement between the Seller, Shayna Gatzke and Buyer, named herein.  This
document is a binding agreement, executed in and under the jurisdiction of Sebastian County, Arkansas.  

- Puppy will be examined by a licensed veterinarian prior to the transfer date, and Seller will provide buyer with Puppy’s
complete vaccination and worming record.

-Seller asserts that Puppy has no known illness at the time of transfer.  It is mandatory that Buyer take Puppy to a
licensed veterinarian immediately upon transfer of Puppy from Seller to Buyer.  Buyer’s first veterinary appointment
must be within three (3) calendar days of the transfer date.  Failure to take Puppy to be examined by a veterinarian
within the specified time frame voids all warranties.  Should Puppy be found to be unsuitable due to contagious illness
during this first veterinary visit, Seller will replace Puppy with next puppy of equal purchase price or provide a refund of
Puppy’s purchase price, not including transport costs.  Remedy will be decided at the sole discretion of Seller.  Buyer
must fax, email or mail medical records to Seller or Seller’s designated veterinarian within one (1) day of the date the
condition is detected for refund or replacement.   Transport of replacement puppy will be done in the same manner as
the transport of the original puppy, and will be paid for by Buyer.  This warranty does not cover parasites or
hypoglycemia.  Seller has taken all precautions to prevent both conditions.  Seller has provided or will provide Buyer
with information for recognizing, preventing and reversing hypoglycemia.

- Seller warranties Puppy against life-threatening genetic defects for one (1) year from Puppy’s date of birth.  Seller will
replace the puppy with the next available puppy of equal purchase price or issue a refund of Puppy’s purchase price,
not including transport costs, if, within one (1) year from Puppy’s date of birth, Puppy succumbs to a congenital or
hereditary abnormality or is diagnosed with a life-threatening hereditary or congenital condition.  Remedy will be
decided at the sole discretion of Seller.  Buyer must fax, email or mail veterinary invoices and medical records to Seller
or Seller’s designated veterinarian within one (1) day of the date the condition is detected before a replacement puppy
may be chosen.   Transport of replacement puppy will be done in the same manner as the transport of the original
puppy, and will be paid for by Buyer.  

- No other warranties are expressed or implied other than those stated in this contract.

- Buyer agrees to complete Puppy's vaccination series and maintain routine vet care.  Failure to do so voids all
warranties.  Routine care includes but is not limited to vaccinations, wellness exams, spay/neuter, dental care and
treatment of injury and minor illnesses.  Vet care is an expense of having a puppy, thus all vet expenses, routine or
otherwise, which are incurred after transfer of the puppy from Buyer to Seller are solely the responsibility of Buyer.

- Buyer agrees to spay or neuter Puppy by six (6) months of age.  Buyer must email or mail a copy of the veterinary
invoice for the procedure to Seller.  The invoice should be a clear copy or photograph that clearly shows Buyer’s name,
the date, the procedure performed and name of the veterinarian or clinic that performed the procedure.  Upon receipt of
the invoice, Seller agrees to release Puppy’s CKC registration.  

- Buyer agrees to provide Puppy with a safe indoor living environment, nutritious food, clean water, training and

- Buyer agrees to purchase and administer NuVet Plus vitamin and mineral supplement to Puppy to promote optimal
development and health.  Failure to administer NuVet Plus as directed voids all warranties.  Seller has provided or will
provide information about the supplement and how to purchase it.  

- Seller is not responsible for conditions caused by neglect or abuse.

- Puppy is sold as a “pet” and Seller cannot, and does not, guarantee size, show quality, or breeding ability.

-  Buyer and Seller agree that upon completion of this contract and payment of a $200 non-refundable service fee,
Seller agrees to hold Puppy in Buyer’s name until Puppy is ready to leave Seller’s home or until the due date for the
final payment for puppies being transported.  Additional services covered by this non-refundable fee include
consultation service, top level care for Puppy and regular updates and pictures of Puppy.  This service fee is deducted
from Puppy’s price upon payment of Puppy’s purchase price.  Puppy must be picked up or transported when ready to
leave unless other arrangements are made in advance.  Buyer’s failure to communicate with Seller, make final payment
or schedule pick up or transport in a timely manner will result in forfeiture of the service fee and Puppy will become
available again.

- Service fees and payments are non-refundable and non-transferable except in the event that something happens to
Puppy while in Seller’s care.  In that rare event, Buyer may choose another puppy and transfer all payments, including
the service fee, to the new puppy.  Refunds are only offered if no similar or suitable puppy is available.  

- Should Buyer decide to cancel Puppy before pick up or transport date, Puppy will become available again.  Buyer will
forfeit the service fee.  Other subsequent payments made by Buyer will be refunded only after Puppy has been placed
in another home, and refunds will be minus any price discrepancy.    

- If Puppy is being transported to Buyer via the airlines or any type of ground transportation, Buyer agrees to submit
final payment, including all transportation fees, no later than ten (10) days prior to shipping unless other arrangements
are made in advance.  If payment is not made on time and an alternate plan for payment has not been made, Buyer
effectively cancels Puppy and forfeits the non-refundable service fee, and Puppy becomes available again.  

- Buyer is responsible for all costs associated with transport of Puppy.  Transport fees are not refundable unless
transport is cancelled before the originally scheduled transport date.  If Seller is flying with Puppy in cabin, transport
fees are not refundable after the airline ticket has been purchased.

- Seller will work with Buyer to secure transportation of Puppy; however, the most important factor is Puppy’s well-being,
so Seller does have the final say on transportation arrangements.  

- Seller offers no cash refunds except those specifically stated in this contract.

- Should Buyer be unable to keep Puppy, Seller must be contacted immediately.   Puppy must be returned to Seller
unless a new owner has already been found.  Seller must approve any new owners before Puppy can be transferred.  In
some cases, rather than return Puppy to Seller, Seller will assist in finding a new home.  No refund or replacement
applies to a puppy that is returned or re-homed due to circumstances not related to Puppy’s health.  

- Buyer must NOT relinquish Puppy to a rescue or animal shelter of any kind, EVER!  Seller will ALWAYS accept Puppy
back at any time during Puppy's lifespan, regardless of contract termination.  Transport of Puppy back to Seller will be
paid for by Buyer.  

- This contract terminates one (1) year from Puppy’s date of birth.

-Seller is not responsible for any event resulting from Buyer’s failure to read the contract.

- Sending or giving a payment as a service fee, deposit or full payment constitutes agreement to this contract and all
rights and responsibilities within it.  

- Seller will mail out two signed and dated copies of this contract upon completion of the online form and payment of
deposit.  Buyer must sign and date both copies and return one (1) copy to Seller in the self-addressed stamped
envelope provided within three (3) days of receipt.  Failure to return one (1) signed copy of this contract to Seller in the
specified time voids all warranties.  

- Completion of the form below represents Buyer's agreement to the terms and conditions of this contract and intention
to execute this contract as agreed.