Once you have chosen your puppy and contacted us to check on it's availability, your next
step is to send a deposit to hold your puppy.   We do require telephone contact before
accepting deposits on any puppy.
The deposit on any puppy is $100 unless otherwise noted.  The deposit is non-refundable.
We only accept money orders (or cash if you are personally delivering your deposit, but
please do NOT mail cash.)
Sorry, we do not accept personal checks.  E-mail or
call us for our mailing address  It is best to send money orders purchased from the post
office or Wal Mart.
For your convenience, we have set up an option to send your deposit using Paypal.  There is
a 3% fee for using Paypal, which has already been calculated and added to the deposit
amount.  Because of all the cashier's check and money order fraud going on these days,
Paypal is our preferred method of Payment.  However, if you need another form of
payment, please keep reading.
We no longer keep puppies on hold waiting for a mailed deposit to reach us.  You may
secure your puppy only if you send a tracking or deliver confirmation number to us to
confirm your deposit is on it's way.
If your puppy is being shipped to you, the remainder of the price of the puppy along with all
costs associated with shipping must be paid 10 days before the date we have set for your
puppy to ship.  THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS.  If you need more time to pay, it
is your responsibility to contact us.  We will send one reminder email and request a
response.  If we receive no response, we will call you one time to remind you of a payment
that is due. If your payment is not made on time, we will make your puppy available again.  
If your puppy is being picked up, the remainder of the price of the puppy can be paid when
you come to pick the puppy up.  Please bring cash only.
IMPORTANT: Please do NOT send any deposit on a puppy before
contacting us.  We try to keep the site updated regularly, but there may
be times when puppies become unavailable and we haven't gotten it
updated on the site.  Please e-mail or call us to make sure that the
puppy you are interested in is still available.
You may use Paypal to send the remaining amount for your puppy and shipping costs prior
to shipping.  There is a 3% transaction fee added to each payment via Paypal, to cover
Paypal's fees.
We have a "no refund" policy.  We will always replace any puppy with a puppy of your
choice of equal purchase price in the event that something should happen to your puppy in
our care, but when you tell us you want a puppy we assume that you mean it.  If there is
not a puppy immediately available, you will be added to our waiting list to be guaranteed
first pick of future litters.  Any money paid, including deposit, will be credited toward the
purchase price of another puppy.  In the event that the puppy that you choose has a higher
purchase price than the original puppy, you would be responsible for the difference.  
refund or credit is given if you, the buyer, decide not to get the puppy.
Payment Options
There are several payment options available to you.  All payment options besides a credit or
debit card through Paypal, or a Postal Money Order will result in your payment having a
hold put on it by our bank until it clears.  
Because of all the "cashier's check" fraud going around today, our recommended form of
payment is now Paypal.  However, if Paypal is not an option for you, a money order
purchased from the Post Office or Wal Mart may be your best bet.  It will not require a
hold because our post office or local Wal Mart verifies and cashes them for us.
Finally, cashier's checks or official bank checks are an option of last resort, as our bank
will put a 5-11 day hold on these checks.  Also, money orders from places other than the
Post Office may be an option but the same applies.  There will be a 5-11 day hold on those
as well.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
This page discusses payment options and
arrangements.  Please read this carefully.