We receive so many requests for females because it is believed that females
are better pets, that we wanted to take the time to clear up some myths and
partial truths about our lovable males.  In addition to the info provided in
the following paragraphs, take a look at the new comparison chart at the
bottom of the page for a point by point comparison of males and females.  
Always remember that while this information is common for Chihuahuas as
a breed, not every single characteristic will be found in every Chihuahua.  
In addition, these are common characteristics of adult Chihuahuas.  
Puppies should not be expected to exhibit them until they are older.

First, many people believe that males are difficult to house train.  This is
partly because they are concerned about a behavior called "marking" where
the male urinates on everything he comes across, including household
furniture, appliances and clothing.  This is not an uncommon behavior IN
UNALTERED MALES.  To alter a male means to have him neutered.  Vets
agree that it is best to neuter a male who is not intended for breeding.  
What we know about Chihuahuas is that if you neuter your male before he
begins to lift his leg, the chances that he ever will lift his leg, or mark his
territory, are very low.  

Often times, neutering your male will help to tame his personality a bit, if
he does happen to be a bit more active than you would have liked.  But
what we know about male Chihuahuas is that in most cases, the males are
much calmer, much easier to get along with and much more loving than the
females.  Females tend to have more temperamental personalities than the
males.  They are moodier and generally not as laid back as the males.  Also,
females tend to be more active...in other words, hyper...than males.

It is agreed upon by most Chihuahua professionals that males, especially
altered males, make much better family pets than females.  Males are highly
loyal and protective and they form bonds with their people just as strongly,
if not more so than females.

Another strong point for the males is that they respond very well to
commands given, and they usually learn very quickly.  Females are smart,
and they learn the commands, but are more likely to ignore them, in our
experience.  Males are so quick to learn that one of our New Owners
actually trained her little guy to walk on a treadmill for exercise...before the
age of 4 months!!!  (See picture posted below.)

Don't get me wrong.  We love our girls.  But for pets, our boys are by far
easier pets to have.  We've had more females with house training issues than
males.  We've also noticed with our own dogs that females tend to be more
"barky" than males.  Our males are, for the most part, quiet and content to
be where ever they are, especially if they are in our laps!

Female Chihuahuas are beautiful animals and we love them dearly, but we
put up with a lot more from them than we do from our males.  For family
pet purposes, we recommend a male over a female every time.  It's been
demonstrated to us time and time again that males, especially those who
were neutered at an early age, make the ideal family pet.
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This is Tweek (we called him Andy), son of Maya and Ricco.  He
was trained, before 4 months of age, to walk on a treadmill for his
exercise.  How's that for a smart boy?!
House Training
initial house training is easy to
moderately easy for most males

unlikely to exhibit "marking"
behavior if neutered by 6 months
of age

likely to exhibit "marking" behavior
if left unaltered.
initial house training is easy to
moderately easy for most female

some females DO exhibit
"marking" behaviors similarly to
most males are easy going, calm,
quiet,  and not difficult to please

often content to be wherever you
put them

unlikely to become aggressive
unless left unaltered and/or
exposed to aggressive males or
unless socialization is not continued
some  females are more active and
can be more "barky"

some females are very
temperamental, exhibiting behavior
similar to mood swings.

some females display tendencies to
assume a dominant role in the
household, regardless of the
presence of other pets or people
(this behavior can be trained out

if aggression develops as a result
of lack of socialization, it seems to
be more difficult to correct than in
males are loyal, loving and most
are playful and comical

each male has his own personality
females are loyal, loving and most
are playful and comical

each female has her own
Ease of Obedience
most males are very smart and
take to obedience training easily
with consistency on the part of the

males on average are eager and
willing to please their owners, so
usually obey commands that
they understand quite well
most females are very smart and
easily learn obedience commands

some females, because of
temperament, do not obedience
train as easily as males, requiring
more repetition and effort on the
part of the trainer

some females have been noted to
display behavior similar to a refusal
to obey a command that they
previously understood and obeyed
Need for Attention
all Chihuahuas love the attention of
their people....really of all people if
they have been socialized properly

males cannot be ignored, but they
are often happy to sit in your lap
and watch tv, with no need for
active attention
all Chihuahuas love the attention of
their people....really of all people if
they have been socialized properly

some females have been noted to
become demanding of active
attention.  For example, they may
not be content to sit and watch tv
with you, but may nudge, whine or
exhibit other behavior in an effort
to get their owners to pet them or
to play with them
Nuisance Issues
"marking" in unaltered males

some males can be "barky" but
many are very quiet
estrus fluids (blood) during estrus
cycles for unaltered females that
do not keep themselves clean

can be "barky" though not all are
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Please Note: Not ALL Chihuahuas will exhibit all of these behaviors.  Both the
good and bad behaviors are extreme cases and most Chihuahuas fall somewhere in
between the two extremes!  All Chihuahuas are wonderful pets.  Most of the time,
whether you want a male or female depends on one or two characteristics that you
consider to be the most important!