Animal Planet has a great video that concisely lays out most of the facts about Chihuahuas.   However, we do
have one little point that we want to make before you watch the video.  Chihuahuas generally are very good
with kids as long as the children treat them well.  We have placed several puppies in homes with small kids and
they do great!  So, it really is all about the interaction between the child and the puppy and making sure that it
is safe for both of them. If you do that, Chihuahuas will bond very strongly with kids!  That said, enjoy the video
and check out our FAQ's below for more precise answers to some of the questions!
We created this page to help answer some of the most common questions that we get from new Chi
owners.  All of our answers are based on our experience and research, and by no means will they
absolutely apply to every single Chihuahua in every single situation.  Chi's are like people in that
they are all very different, and have different personalities and needs.  If you do not find the answer
to your questions here, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.  We will be more than happy to answer
anything we can for you.
Q: Do Chihuahuas shed?
A:  Yes, Chihuahuas do shed.  ALL dogs shed.  However, as with any other breed of dog, some Chihuahuas
shed less or more than other Chihuahuas.  And on average, long coat Chihuahuas seem to shed less than
short coats...but they do all shed at least some.
Q: Do male Chihuahuas "mark"?
Q: Male versus female?
Q: Long coat versus Short coat?
Q: How do you groom a long coat Chihuahua?
A: Long coat Chihuahuas do not require as much grooming as many other long coat breeds.  Their coats are
very silky and easy to keep clean.  A bath every few weeks and a good brushing once a week should be all
your long coat should require.  And don't forget to trim his nails about twice a month.
Q: Are Chihuahuas good with kids?
A: In our experience, Yes, Chihuahuas are very good with kids.  However, like any dog, they will rebel
against people who treat them badly, so if children are unsupervised and play too roughly with a Chihuahua,
he will not like that child, and may, as a result, carry his dislike for that child over to other children.  
However, if your child treats your Chihuahua properly, your Chi will adore your child and others.
Q: Do Chihuahuas make good companions?
Q: Do Chihuahuas travel well?
Q: Are Chihuahuas alright to live in an apartment?
Q: I've heard Chihuahuas do better in pairs.  Is that true?
A: In our experience, yes...they do better in pairs.  When you have two Chi puppies together, they keep each
other company, making them less likely to cry at night when you first bring them home.  Also, they learn
from each other, making it easier to house train two of them together.  Chihuahuas are very social and they
love company, so they do very well in pairs.  BUT, it should also be said that if you get a single Chihuahua,
your Chi WILL housetrain.  And he WILL stop crying at night from separation from his siblings.  It just
tends to go a little faster with two as opposed to one.  A single Chi puppy WILL be just as happy and well
adjusted as a pair would be.
Q: Do Chihuahuas get along with other breeds and/or cats?
A: Most Chihuahuas, if brought home as puppies, will get along with other animals, no matter what kind of
animal they are, just fine.   They grow up with them and they tend to do fine.  However, an older Chihuahua
may not do as well with other breeds and/or cats.  Chi's will almost always do fine with other Chi's though,
no matter what their ages.
Q: Can you litter box train a Chihuahua?
A: Some people have successfully litter box trained Chihuahuas, so the answer is yes, it can be done.  
However, you must begin litter box training while they are still very young puppies.  In our experience, litter
box training an older Chihuahua is nearly impossible.  That seems to be because they want to scratch at the
litter and it goes flying.  But we have also seen other Chihuahuas use litter boxes.  So, start them very
young and yes, it's very possible to litter box train a Chi.  One word of warning should never
use cat litter in a Chi's litter box.  Purina makes dog litter and there is also litter that is made from recycled
newspapers that will work great.  But Chi's have a difficult time with the dust from cat litter.
Q: Do puppy pads work?
A:  Yes, they absolutely do work for MOST puppies.  Many  people have great success training their Chi
puppies to use puppy pads.  However, there are some who would rather use the pads as chew toys, and they
will end up shredding them.  For those puppies, try paper training instead.  It may be something about the
plastic or cotton on the pad that they don't like.   We haven't quite figured it out yet.
Q: What size will my Chihuahua puppy be?
A:  We get this question several times a day...this is by far the most asked question for us.  The only answer
that we can give that will be absolutely true is "we aren't sure."  We can make an educated guess.  That's all
any breeder can do.  Most really reputable breeders will not guarantee size of a puppy because we cannot
know for sure.  We use a weight chart, and take the puppy's weight and plot it on the chart.  That, in
combination with experience, gives us an educated guess that we can pass on to you.  BUT, the chart and
experience are not always right.  There are just too many factors involved in determining a puppy's size for
us to try to guarantee it.
Q: Is it safe to ship a Chihuahua puppy?
A:  Yes, however, there are several guidlines that we use to determine when to ship, how to ship and where
to ship.  Please see our shipping information page for more details.
Q: Are Chihuahua puppies hard to housetrain?
A:  Just about every difficulty we've ever run into with housetraining had more to do with the humans than
with the Chihuahua.  In order to housetrain a puppy, you must be consistent.  Pick a schedule for your
puppy and stick with it.  Take your puppy to the same places to potty each time, and try to make it the same
times each day.  If you do these things, housetraining your puppy shouldn't be difficult.  Chihuahuas are no
more difficult to housetrain than any other breed of dog, and some say they are much easier to train than
most dogs!
Q: Are all Chihuahuas nervous or shakey?
A:  NO...most Chihuahuas are not nervous.  On average, most do not shiver or shake.  However, just about
all Chihuahuas will shiver under certain circumstances.  When they are cold or frightened is usually when
most of the shivering occurs.  Often, the very tiny Chihuahuas tend to be a bit more nervous and shivery.
Q: Why was my Grandparent's Chihuahua mean?  Will my Chihuahua be like that?
A:  Believe it or not, we get this question more often than you might think.  Since Chihuahuas form such
strong bonds with their people, in situations where a Chi does not come into contact with too many other
people as a puppy, during the critical socialization time, he may become very skeptical of strangers.  This
tends to happen most often in Chihuahuas owned by elderly people.   It's very seldom that a Chihuahua,
even one who has not been exposed to other people, is actually being mean though.  They sound mean, and
they can even look pretty mean, but all they're really being is scared.  They are letting you know that you
shouldn't come any closer.  If you do, you may be bitten, but usually, the Chi will tuck his tail and run.   This
IS NOT the case though, in Chi's who have been exposed to other people as a puppy.  It is a result of
improper socialization.  So, the answer to the second part of the question, not if you continue the
socialization that we (or your breeder) started.  One thing you must always remember about
Chihuahuas....they love people as much as people love them and they will continue to love people if they are
exposed to them.
Q: My puppy's (or the puppies on your website) nose was pink and now it's developing
spots.  Is this normal?  Will it turn completely black (or chocolate or blue)?
A:  Yes.  Most (though not all) puppies noses are pink at birth.  Sometimes they have already begun to turn
colors when they are born and sometimes they haven't.  If your puppy's nose is pink with black dots on it, it
will finish turning black, though this process may take several weeks.  Some puppies will have blue or
chocolate noses, and often, these start out pink too, and begin to develop blue or chocolate spots.  Those
puppies' noses will also turn completely to either blue or chocolate.
Q: Is it a good idea to buy clothes for my Chihuahua puppy?  Will he wear them?
A:  The answer to this depends on the puppy and where you live.  If you live in a warm enough climate, there
really is no need for clothing, unless it gets pretty cold in winter.  Chihuahuas are warm weather dogs.  They
really do not like the cold.  So if you live in a cold climate, where the temperature drops in the winter, it
would be a good idea to get some sweaters and things for the winter.  Will your puppy wear them?  Probably,
if you begin putting them on his as soon as you get him, while he is still very young.  Even then though,
sometimes the clothing just irritates the puppy so that they end up chewing them up trying to get them off.  
But many Chihuahuas wear clothing very well.  It is our recommendation that you do not put clothing on
your puppy just to be cute though, unless your Chi tolerates it well.  If the puppy likes it and keeps it on
with no problem, dress him however you would like to.  If not, and clothing is not needed due to weather, we
recommend that you don't put your puppy, or yourself, through the bother or trying to keep those clothes on
A:  Yes, as with any other male dog, they will "mark their territory."  This is part of their pack mentality,
and it's their means of telling other males (whether they are there or not) where their territory is.  It can be
a problem for humans, but on average, many vets will tell you that if you have your male neutered before he
lifts his leg (before he is completely sexually mature) he will never mark.  Also, behavior training can put a
stop to the marking as well.
A:  See the page we dedicated to this question.  You will find it at
A:  If you're considering a long coat Chihuahua, many people have asked this question too....would a long
coat puppy be better for my family than a short coat.  The answer is, they are equally loving companions.  
Long coats do tend to shed a bit less, and they must be groomed a bit more (not much more though.)  Your
long coat puppy may require 2 baths a month instead of 1 as a short coat would.  And he may need to be
brushed once a week or so, instead of once every couple of weeks.   Additionally, in our experience, long
coats tend to be a bit more laid back and easy going than short coats, but both are equally lovable!  
A: Absolutely.  Chihuahuas are the world's best companion.  They attach very strongly to their people and
they are extremely loyal little dogs.  They can form a bond with many people, so the more people there are
in your family, the more people there are for your Chi to love!!
A: In most cases, yes, Chihuahuas travel very well.  They love to go places with their people.  They can be
very easily trained to sit next to you while you drive and be a perfect little angel.  They especially love to
travel in motor homes and such.  They are very good dogs for people who do a lot of travelling.  However, as
with any breed of dog (and people too) some of them do have a tendency to get motion sick.  We've only ever
had one dog that ever got motion sick though, so it seems to be a rather uncommon condition in Chihuahuas.
A: Absolutely!  They are ideal apartment dogs.  Chihuahuas can get almost all the exercise they need
running around a smaller space such as an apartment.  They do not require a lot of room for sleeping, as
their absolute favorite place to sleep is in bed with their people.  They can be easily trained to puppy pads and
such.  We do recommed taking your Chi out at least once a day, even if he's trained to puppy pads, because
they LOVE sunlight.  
Q: Do Chihuahuas help people with Asthma?
A:  The general answer to this question many cases, they do.  Chihuahuas have been known for
decades for the unusual way that they seem to quiet symptoms in asthma patients.  However, that being said,
we must also tell you that no research has been done on this subject, so there is no scientific basis for it.  
Also as a result of a lack of research, there is no explanation for it.  Nobody quite knows how Chihuahuas
help asthma.....but in our experience, and in the experience of some of our friends and acquaintences....they
Q: Is there any such thing as a "deertype" Chihuahua?
A:  Yes, there is, however, there is no such thing as a Chihuahua that is registered as a deertype.  However,
that is due to the practices of a certain kennel club and the misinformation that the club passes on to it's
members.  Still, the fact remains that the deertype Chihuahua looks more like the animals believed to be
the ancestors of the Chihuahua than its more dome-skulled, depressed face counterpart, the apple head
Chihuahua.  Most of our Chihuahuas are a mix between the deertype and the apple head type and that is the
way we like it.  Click
HERE for a great article on the deertype Chihuahua.  
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