Step 1: Complete the Adoption Agreement
You probably already completed this during the deposit process, but if not, click HERE for the
adoption agreement. It is an online form.  We will each have a hard copy of the contract.  Once
the contract is completed online, I will mail out hard copies, already signed and dated by me.  
You will need to sign and date both and send one copy back to me in the self-addressed stamped
envelope that I provide.

Step 2: Order your puppy's NuVet Vitamins
We do require use of the NuVet Vitamins as part of our sales contract so please click the image
below to order.  NuVet offers discounts if you sign up for their auto-ship program.  Please note,
you can ONLY order NuVet from NuVet.  Please do not be duped by similar products on
Amazon and other places.  They are NOT the same product and will make the contract invalid.  
To learn more about NuVet, click
Click the banner below to order!

Step 3: Read, Read, Read!
Please read all of the following information. I know there is a great deal of info there, but it will
be helpful to you now and as your puppy grows.  It is very important that all Chihuahua owners
are aware of the information provided in these links.  I am not sure how they will print, but you
are welcome to print them straight from the website or copy them into a word processor to print

Link 1:
Very Important Information: Care Instructions

Link 2: Socialization

Link 3: Excellent Article on House Training

Link 4: Facts About Spaying and Neutering

Link 5: A Chihuahua specific care guide that I wrote

Link 6: A puppy care guide compiled from Petco, Purina and Iams

Link 7: Tips for bringing your puppy home

Link 8: Tips for picking your puppy up at the airport

Link 9: Tips for the new owners of a male Chihuahua Puppy

Link 10: Tips for the new owners of a female Chihuahua Puppy

Link 11: Tips for the new owners of a long coat Chihuahua Puppy

Link 12: A Note on Training

Link 13: Dog Care Sheets from Petco

Link 14: Shayna's New Puppy Check List

Link 15: Our Blog

Step 4:  Shot Records
For puppies that are flying home, after final payment is made, I will mail your puppy's shot
record and NuVet Sample in a folder.  The inside cover of the folder will contain the shot record,
and the NuVet sample will be in the back of the folder.  If you are picking your puppy up, you
will receive his folder at the time of pick up.

Step 5: Supplies
Now is the time to shop for supplies for your puppy.  Check Link 14 above for a list of necessary
supplies for your puppy. If you are shopping online, I highly recommend  Their
prices are excellent and shipping is fast and usually free.  If you are not shopping online, the best
place to get our food is Pet Smart, though you will probably find it at PetCo as well.  It might be
available at some Tractor Supply and Atwoods stores too, but you will not find it at WalMart.    
You should be able to find everything on that list at, except the NuVet.  Please note
that NuVet is not available from retail stores...not WalMart, not Chewy and not Amazon.  There
is a different supplement on Amazon with a similar name, but it is NOT the same supplement.  
You must go to NuVet's website to order.  You can click the NuVet banner shown in Step 2 to
When considering harnesses and leashes, you will want very small harnesses at first.  In most
brands, a size small does not fit our puppies, but may fit them as adult dogs.  You will need an xs
or even an xxs in some brands.  You will want the neck measurements no more than 9 inches
and the chest measurements no more than 13.  For some puppies, this will be too large, so it
would be better to get an adjustable one where the neck adjusts between 7 and 9 inches and the
chest between 10 and 13.  These harnesses are not the easiest to find, but American River makes
an ombre colored harness that should fit.  Puppia also makes several types of harnesses that fit
our puppies.  
If you have questions about supplies, please feel free to call or email Shayna.

Step 6: Complete your puppy's registration (cannot be completed until
after your puppy is spayed/neutered)
Note that all puppies are considered to be on a spay/neuter agreement unless otherwise discussed
prior to deposit.  That means that you will not receive your puppy's registration information until
you have him/her spayed/neutered.  At that time, you can complete your puppy's registration
application online.  I will send you the application number and date of birth by email.  When you
receive that, come back to this page and click the CKC logo below, fill that information into the
online form and fill in the radio button indicating that your breeder has signed the application.
Then click the button marked "Submit". The form will prompt you to enter the name you wish to
give your puppy and your name and mailing address.  When it asks for your puppy's color, you
must be specific.  I will include your puppy's color in the email that I send with his application
number and birthdate in it, so you can simply copy and paste it into the form.  It will also prompt
you to put in your payment information.  Once you finish with the form, your puppy's application
will process and you will receive his registration certificate within 7-10 business days.   
IMPORTANT:  Please note...CKC allows you 30 characters, including spaces for your puppy's
name.  Please be aware of that when entering your puppy's name into the online form. Click the
logo below to register your puppy.
Chihuahua puppies for sale Chihuahua breeders Chihuahua
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders