Picking your puppy up at the airport is a very important event for both you and your
puppy.  You'll want to be prepared for your puppy's arrival, and your new baby will be
very happy to see you.  We hope this page helps you to be prepared and to know what
to expect when you go to get your puppy.
First, expect a wait at the airport.  We require you to be there at the
time your puppy's plane lands because some airports work more
quickly than others.  But we have found that most people have a wait
of 20-45 minutes after the plane lands before they are able to retrieve
their puppy.  It takes time to get the puppy off the plane and to the
pick up location.  So, we know you're anxious to see your new baby,
but please be patient.
You'll want to be well prepared when you pick your puppy up.  We
recommend that you take the following things along with you to the
1. Puppy bathing wipes, in case your puppy has had an accident and
needs to be cleaned up.
2. A bottle of fresh water.  We do freeze water in their bowls for them
to drink on the trip, but if you're puppy has a long trip, he may have
finished it, so he may be thirsty when he comes off the plane.
3. A blanket or towel.  You'll want to take your puppy out of the crate
and hold him, and often wrapping a blanket around them makes them
feel more secure in a new setting.
4. A tube of Nutri-Cal or similar product.  Give you puppy some as
soon as he comes out of his crate and it will help him to keep his
nutrients in while he's adjusting to his new surroundings.
Once you have your puppy, there are a few things you'll want to do
before you start home, especially if you have a long ride home.  First,
take him out of his crate as soon as possible.  Don't worry if he's a
little shy or nervous.  That's normal after shipping and does not mean
that they were not well handled.  It simply means that your puppy is
in a new surrounding and environment that he's not used too.  As
soon as possible, take him to the car and see if he needs to potty on a
puppy pad laid out in the floorboard.  Please DO NOT put him down
on the ground at the airport.  He hasn't completed his shot series yet,
so he is not fully protected.  Plus, the strange environment and sounds
of the airport may spook him.  Let him explore the car a bit if he
wants to, and then you will probably want to offer him some food and
water at this point.  There will be a bag of food attached to his crate.   
Don't worry if he doesn't eat though.  He may not eat until you get
him home and things settle down a bit.  Just don't allow him to go for
more than 4-6 hours without some food, even if it's just a little here
and there.  Please do give him some Nutri-Cal as soon as possible
after he comes off the plane though!
As soon as you've got these preliminary things finished, please, please
call us and let us know that you've got him and all is well.  We've
never had a problem with shipping...none of our pups have ever
arrived in any condition other than perfectly fine...but we love them,
and we do stay up late on shipping day till we hear from all of our new
owners.  It's important to us to know that you have your puppy and
all is well.
If you have a long trip home, you'll want to stop a few times to allow
your puppy to potty and possibly get a drink of water.  Some of these
guys are beginning to crate train when we send them home, so they
may not potty in their crates.  And they're small enough that they may
still need to potty several times a day.
Once you get your puppy home and get settled in, just have a good
time and enjoy him.  Just a note: A little diarrhea is normal after a
puppy goes to a new home.  It is usually a result of stress and
changing environments does stress them a bit.  It should clear up in a
few days.  
See our
Taking Your Puppy Home page for more information.
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