We are Dennis and Shayna Gatzke. We want to thank you for visiting our site...our online home for our
Chi babies. I (Shayna) got my first Chihuahua when I was 4 years old. My grandparents got him for me,
along with one for my brother and one for themselves, so I guess you could say I was raised with
Chihuahuas. He was a little chocolate boy with a white chest, so naturally I named him Chocolate. I fell in
love with him instantly (well, as soon as I understood, at 4 years old, that he was a dog and not a mouse)
and I've been in love with Chi's ever since. Chocolate was with me for almost 16 years. He passed away the
month before my first child was born. It was almost 3 years later before I was able to get another animal,
but of course, it had to be a Chihuahua, a little short coat red girl we named Sofie.  She was never part of
our program, but was always a beloved family member.  She passed away in 2012 and we miss her every
day.  I think my husband thought I was crazy when I told him I wanted to raise Chihuahuas, because he
had never owned one until he met me, but it seemed a natural decision for me. And now, he's every bit as
much in love with them as I am.

Dennis is a computer technician, and I stay home to be here with our children...all of them, furry babies
and human children alike.   Dakota and Mason, our beloved boys, enjoy our life with our Chihuahuas.  
They love them as much as we do, and they're wonderful helpers.  We love our life, our family and our

Our Chihuahuas are raised in our home, not in an outdoor kennel.  Our babies are quality, healthy, happy
pets. Our adult dogs are very healthy and have no history of any health problems of any kind, as well as
being well socialized and very friendly with everyone they meet, genuinely displaying true Chihuahua
temperment. Our puppies are raised  with all the delicate care and attention that a Chi puppy needs, and
because our children are present with the pups from the day they are born, our babies are exceptionally
good with children. We take great care in raising good puppies that will make ideal pets for most
households. Chihuahuas are one of the most loveable breeds...truly man's best friend. All of our dogs are
registered with CKC (Continental Kennel Club.)  

Our main goal here is to improve the reputation of the breed by producing healthy, happy puppies, with
ideal temperaments, that fit very well into most homes.  We do our best to place puppies into the homes
they are best suited for.  Very tiny puppies are placed in homes where they can have round the clock care
and attention.  Larger puppies can easily be placed into homes with children.  

We understand very well how scary it can be to purchase a puppy online and we do everything we can to
ease the anxiety of our new owners.  We provide several ways to contact us.  We answer emails within 8
hours (usually within just an hour or two), and if we aren't here to answer phone calls, our voice mail
message provides cell numbers to reach us and we respond to all voice mail we receive as soon as we walk
in the door.  We update the website weekly (often several times a week) and we send new owners new
pictures of their puppies every week, along with updates on how the pups are doing.  We also do a lengthy
video of each litter once they start to show us their personalities, so that our new owners can see their
puppies in action.  For pups that ship to their new homes, we provide all the shipping information to the
new owners in advance so that the new owners can easily know when and where to pick up their puppies.  
It is very important to us to let our owners know that we are who we say we are!

Please take a look at all the links on the home page for pics of our available puppies, previous puppies and
parents, plus our shipping info, new owner agreement and sales contract, and links to accurate and helpful
information for all chi lovers. Should you find a puppy that interests you or if you have a question about
anything at all, related to our dogs or chis in general, please don't hesitate to e-mail us.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders