This information is for buyers both in-town and out-of-town.  The
only exception to this is those people who choose to come to our
home to choose their puppy.  Those people will fill out the same
information at that time.
First and foremost, no deposit will be accepted on any puppy
without the following things in place first.
The deposit on any puppy is $200 unless otherwise marked.
We require a completed contract (click here) and telephone
contact with every person wishing to put a deposit on a
We must have your phone number, address and e-mail address
if you have one before we can accept any deposit.  The reason
for this is to ensure that we can maintain contact with you in
the event that we need to get in touch with you.  Also, this
information is required by CKC for us to keep in our records.  
All of this information must be e-mailed or provided to us by
phone prior to sending a deposit.
We have a page within our website where you will be able to
make a payment through Paypal.  You are not required to
have, or to open, a Paypal account to make a payment.  Other
payment options are available as well.  Please contact Shayna
to inquire about those should you need alternate payment
We no longer offer deposit pending hold on our puppies
without some indication that a deposit has been sent. The only
way to keep a puppy on hold to wait for a mailed deposit to
reach us is to send us a tracking number for the letter. We're
sorry for this, but we've just had too many people request a
puppy be put on hold waiting for a deposit that was never
sent.  If a tracking number is provided to us, the puppy will be
considered "deposit pending" and will not be sold to anyone
else.  If no tracking number is provided, the puppy will remain
available and may find his/her home with someone else during
this time.   We are strict with this policy due to the fact that
very often we have more than one person interested in the
same puppy and it is unfair to keep someone else waiting who
wants the puppy if you are unsure.  For this reason, we
recommend that you consider using Paypal for your deposit,
as it is an instant form of payment, completely secure and does
not require you to open an account of any type.  
Once a puppy is reserved, he or she is moved to the Watch Us
Grow page.  We'll send you an e-mail with  your new balance
and any other applicable information, and attached to this
e-mail will be all the pictures we have taken of your puppy
since he/she was born.  Then, each week, usually on Sunday,
we'll e-mail you an update on  your puppy, including the new
pictures we took of him/her that week.
Deposits are designed to hold your puppy until he/she is ready
to go, or in some cases, for a reasonable amount of time to
allow you to travel to pick him or her up.  However, once the
puppy is ready to go, if we are required to hold him/her for a
long period of time to accommodate the buyer, there will be a
$25 per week kenneling fee assessed at the time of pickup or
VERY IMPORTANT: ALL deposits are
NON-REFUNDABLE.  The ONLY exception to this is if there
is something permanently wrong with the puppy.  In this case,
we will inform you immediately and give you the option to get
the puppy you chose, transfer your deposit to another puppy,
or choose a refund of deposit.  In addition, this is the ONLY
time that a deposit will be transferable, meaning the deposit is
transferred from one puppy to another. This is ONLY the case
if there is something wrong with the puppy.  
If you are coming in from out of town, or if we are shipping
your puppy, we require contact with you several times
beforehand.  We want to make sure either that we are home
when you get here or that you will be at the airport waiting for
your puppy to arrive. T
HIS IS MANDATORY for the health
and well-being of our puppies.
WE RESERVE THIS RIGHT: Because the safety and health of
our puppies is at stake, we reserve the right to refuse shipping
or delivery of your puppy if you do not meet the above
requirements for contacting us.  In this event, your puppy will
become available again and no refund will be issued.  We are
not trying to be ridiculous with our requirements, but we will
maintain safe conditions for our puppies at all costs.  Really,
the only requirement is to keep in contact with us.  We do not
require applications or references like many breeders do.  You
show us that you are trustworthy by keeping in touch and
showing your concern for the puppy you chose to bring into
your family.
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders
Arkansas Chihuahua Puppies For Sale Chihuahua breeders